Software Security as the Top Priority. Providing security assessment and consulting for the most innovative DLT software projects.
Cyberattacks are now the foremost risk to the global financial system, even more so than the lending and liquidity risks that led to the 2008 financial crisis.
— according to Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell
Blockchain Software Challenges
Coding a blockchain project is a difficult task. Many hundreds of millions of dollars in tokens and Ether have been stolen so far as a result of numerous attacks. Many prominent projects were hacked, especially in the DeFi field.


  • development conditions differ significantly from the classic setup: usually, it is too late or impossible to roll back a faulty software version
  • an attack can be executed in a single transaction, employing almost infinite liquidity with no down payment using flash loans
  • composability yields exponential complexity increase
  • there is no silver bullet or absolute security guarantees

How do we help?

We employ a security assessment methodology perfected in this field for years to find potential vulnerabilities and make code anti-fragile.

Security Audit

Unbiased code inspection

Reverse-engineering of models behind the software. That is where most logic inconsistencies pop up.

Guided code inspection

Documentation- and code-guided inspection. Making sure the code works as intended. Verifying with the models from the previous step. Checking invariants.

Automated analysis

Using the best tools in the field as well as a proprietary analyzer.

Checklist analysis

Using a checklist built through the course of several years of in-field experience.

Project- and sphere-specific analysis

  1. Familiarization with the code and deadlines
  2. Quote preparation
  3. Audit, the First Report production, intermediate findings communication
  4. The First Report discussion, negotiation of ways to resolve the issues and improve the code
  5. Code changes performed by the Client
  6. The Final Report and compliance certificate production
Security Consulting
Security starts early and ends never

Use best approaches in the field

..right from the beginning. So that you will not have to refactor a huge mass of bloated code.

Design a continuous security process

Using appropriate tools and methodology.

Plan deployment processes

It is not 2017, you will deploy a lot of code. Any slip could be fatal.


DLT solutions should be trustless, right?

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